Are We Looking at the Wii 2 Controller Here?


I hate to say that I called it, but I totally did. As soon as we got this week’s podcast recorded, laying out on the table all the Wii 2 HD (Project Cafe) rumors, I just knew their would be a fresh nugget of hearsay waiting for us today to make our podcast almost completely moot. It seems my nightmare has come true.

TechnoBuffalo has the scoop on a potential leaked image of the Project Cafe controller, featuring the display screen on its face like we talked about.

project_cafe_controllerClick the image to the right to get a better look.

As we’ve said multiple times, the rumor right now is that Nintendo is planning to announce their next console which will feature HD visuals at E3 of this year. The console may, or may not, have the PS3 and Xbox 360 beat as far as graphical horsepower, and, as the image to the right implies, feature a built-in screen on the controller that would allow gamers to stream video from their console to the controller. Think Dreamcast VMU, only far, far superior.

But here’s where we have to take the image with a grain of salt. It comes from an anonymous tipper from the website 4chan. I don’t recommend going there, as it’s equatable to the Mos Eisley cantina of the internet, at least one of them anyways.

So what do you think? Is this the first actual piece of legitimate proof to the existence of the Wii 2? Who knows. This could be a trick pulled by one of those crafty internet sons-of-bitches. But at least this isn’t just another he-said-she-said type of scoop.

Unfortunately, we will be back with more Wii 2/Project Cafe rumors as they crop up, which is sure to happen as we inch closer and closer to E3.