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Mandatory Tweets: The Funniest Things You Should Have, Know, and Be ‘By Age 30’ According to Twitter

What should you have, or know, or be by age 30? That’s the question Twitter recently tried to answer after a guy who goes by Steve – Millionaire Habits (or @SteveOnSpeed) inadvertently went viral on Twitter with his declaration about what people should have by the time they’ve walked the Earth for three decades.

“By age 30, you should have a group of friends that talk business, money, and fitness, not politics and pop culture,” he tweeted.

Huh. If you say so, Steve. We’re guessing you’re not the life of the party?

Twitter users had other opinions about what you should have achieved by the big 3-0 – and boy, did they let ‘em rip.

These are the funniest tweets about what you should have, know, or be by age 30. How are you doing developmentally (according to Twitter)?

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