Mandatory Laughs: The 21 Funniest Drunk GIFs of All Time

Photo: benstevens (Getty Images)

If we know anything about this New Year’s Eve, there will be a lot of drinking. That’s because heavy drinking is what most of us do to ring in the new year. Champagne, beer, wine, whiskey, cocktails, mystery punch, we love it all. As long as we head into 2022 with a drink in our hand, we honestly don’t care what it is. We’re going to be hungover to start 2022 anyway so why not just mix everything together.

Inevitably, we’ll end up at least buzzed and potentially drunk as we wait for the ball to drop on the new year. Hopefully, we’re in the comfort of our own home or have a Uber standing by to take us home. Also, hopefully nobody films our drunken shenanigans and turns them into a meme or gif. There’s no worse way to start a new year than to be trending on the internet because you crashed through a beer pong table while wearing a flaming sombrero.

Sadly, many other people weren’t as lucky. While not necessarily occurring on New Year’s Eve, these poor souls are forever stuck in a ‘Black Mirror’-like internet GIF loop for all eternity. If they’re already there, we should at least laugh at their drunken fails. To help you, below you’ll find 21 of the best drunk GIFs of all time. Keep scrolling to see them all.


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