Meanwhile in New Jersey: Jewish Couple Throw a ‘Bark Mitzvah’ For 13-Year-Old Dog, Mazel Tov! (Video)

Pet owners do all sorts of crazy things for their dogs, but this one really takes the cake. Ruth and Craig Ellenberg of Livingston, New Jersey, threw a “bark” mitzvah for their 13-year-old dog Rambo. The beloved Havanese pup received a personalized kippah, tallit, Torah scroll, and a peanut butter cake as part of the religious festivities traditionally reserved to honor the passage of Jewish teens into adulthood.

“He’s always been a spoiled prince and now even more,” the dog mom said. “The kids are all away at college, work and Marines boot camp, and we love sharing fun pictures and videos of their ‘hairy brother.'”

The event took place on the 39-year anniversary of when Craig had his own bar mitzvah. Whether or not the couple could find a rabbi willing to officiate or if a raucous party followed the ceremony is unclear, but we’re guessing this was a DIY-style event. Either way, it would appear Rambo enjoyed himself – especially the part where he got to lick the frosting off the cake (goals). If we were allowed to do that, we would totally consider converting.

Cover Photo: New York Post



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