Marvel Fanatic Bids $10K For ‘Avengers’ Ticket on eBay, Realizes Movie Opens 3 Days Earlier (And Plays Every Day Everywhere)

Photo: Hindustan Times (Getty Images)

The Marvel fanboy (and girl) craze is at its peak with people willing to pay ungodly amounts of money for pre-ordered Avengers: End Game movie tickets. At $15,000 for the Buy It Now, that’s a whole new level of scalping.

One such lucky fan was able to save up the money from his paper route of 26 years for this very day, bidding a cool $9,199 for a ticket, some might say is a steal. Not on opening night, mind you. The ticket is set for the AMC Theater in New Yor City on April 28, three days after the movie opens.

“It’s not the Rolling Stones for one night only,” he said. “This movie is only going to be in theaters every day, all day long for who knows how long!”

We should mention, the ticket is also mid row, most likely up front.

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