Binge & Buy: The ‘End Game’ Isn’t Such a ‘Long Shot’

Welcome to Mandatory and ComingSoon’s weekly Binge & Buy, a digital HD, Blu-ray, and DVD column for the week of July 30! Here, you’ll find detailed write-ups of different titles released this week, including a number of new releases like Long Shot, reissues, combo packs, and TV seasons, none of which you can live without in 2019. Click each highlighted title to purchase through Amazon!

Avengers: Endgame

The fourth installment in the Avengers saga is the culmination of 22 interconnected films and the climax of an epic journey. Earth’s heroes will finally understand how fragile our reality is–and the sacrifices that must be made to uphold it–in a story of friendship, teamwork and setting aside differences to overcome an impossible obstacle. It also comes in 4K.

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New Movies on Blu-ray/DVD

Long Shot

Sparks fly after a journalist becomes a speechwriter for his first crush, a presidential candidate, and turns her on to a wild new world of parties and hilarious rule-breaking.


An animated adventure in which the free-spirited UglyDolls confront what it means to be different, struggle with a desire to be loved, and ultimately discover who you truly are is what matters most.

The Intruder

A couple buys their dreamhouse to take the next steps as a family. But then suspect the seller has hidden motivations beyond a quick sale.

The White Crow 

This film charts legendary dancer Rudolf Nureyev’s defection from the Soviet Union to the West at the height of the Cold War.

Body at Brighton Rock

Wendy, an employee at a state park stumbles upon a potential crime scene. With no communication and orders to guard the site she spends the night facing her worst fears to prove to everyone – including herself – that she’s stronger than she thinks.

Hail Satan? (DVD)

This doc offers a look at a group of misunderstood outsiders whose commitment to social and political justice has empowered thousands of people. An inspiring and entertaining documentary from acclaimed director Penny Lane.


In order to seek justice for their partner’s murder, Copenhagen police officer (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and a fellow cop embark on a deadly mission to hunt down a mysterious man in this fast-paced action thriller.

The Island

In this offbeat dramedy from Huang Bo, news of a meteorite bound to strike the earth doesn’t have much effect on Ma Jin’s everyday life; he still gets up and goes to a job where he spends his time daydreaming of a romance with his colleague Shanshan, and of winning the lottery. But when this cataclysmic event occurs during a team-building trip, he finds himself shipwrecked on an island with an odd group of coworkers… and the winning lottery ticket in his pocket.

The Swindlers

High stakes and fast talk are the game in this crime caper where allies from different sides of the law must work together to trap the world’s most legendary con man.

Mountain Rest

After sequestering herself to a small mountain town, an aging actress calls her estranged daughter and granddaughter home for reconciliation – and one final celebration.


Filmed during two recent wildfire seasons, this is a sweeping and deeply personal account of a single wildland firefighting crew as they struggle with fear, loyalty, dreams and demons.

Photo: Shout! Factory


Quatermass II and Quatermass and the Pit

Two classic sci-fi horror entries into the legendary British franchise featuring the title scientist and written by Nigel Kneale.

The Reptile

In a Cornish village, various locals die from mysterious snake bites, but the coroner rules the deaths as heart attacks, until a family of newcomers starts an investigation.

Lust For a Vampire

Mircalla is a vampire and a young student at an all-girls finishing school. She satisfies her lust for blood by preying on her classmates, all of whom are drawn to her stunning looks and preternatural charm.

The Thin Man

William Powell and Myrna Loy star as a husband-and-wife detective team who take on the search for a missing inventor and almost get killed for their efforts.

The Leopard Man

When a leopard escapes during a publicity stunt, it triggers a series of murders.

Bronco Billy

An heiress flees from her ill-advised wedding and joins a ragtag Wild West show run by a self-made matinee cowboy hero.

Best of Pete Smith Specialties: Volume 1 (DVD)

Studio-publicist-turned-producer Pete Smith catapulted to national fame as a narrator for the MGM short subjects created under his aegis such as the “Dogville” comedies.

Target: Harry

Freelance pilot Harry Black (Vic Morrow) finds both the Monte Carlo police and the underworld on his tail when he becomes caught up with one of his passenger’s plot to break the bank of England with forged currency.

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

It’s the Power Rangers to the rescue at turbo speed in their all-new motion picture adventure. Imbued with new turbo powers and driving custom-designed turbo zords, the five superheroes battle an evil space pirate to save a wise and gentle alien–and the planet Earth–from almost certain destruction.


Decades ago, deranged Professor Jones (John Saxon) concocted a diabolical drug at a rural college called ‘The Nietzsche Experiment,’ designed to give its users telepathic abilities, but instead turned anyone who took it into violent lunatics. Now, 20 years later, Jones has returned to resume his experiments and avenge himself against those he feels wronged him and his work. Armed with a group of hideously deformed mutant slaves, it’s not long before the tranquil college becomes host to vicious violence and carnage.

Play Dead

Hester Ramsey (Yvonne De Carlo) lives in a cavernous old house, with only her pet Rottweiler, Greta, to keep her company. Bitter and alone, Hester blames her estranged sister for stealing away her one true love, Sam, decades earlier. Following her sister’s death, Hester begins to plot diabolical revenge, using her knowledge of the black arts to place a spell on her dog, and then gifting the satanic beast to her grief-stricken niece, Audrey (Stephanie Dunnam).

Photo: Marvel Studios

New on Digital HD

Madness in the Method (in theaters and VOD August 2)

Legendary stoner actor Jason Mewes is tired of Hollywood’s perception of him. Upon advice from best friend Kevin Smith, Mewes tracks down a secret method acting book to reinvent himself as a serious actor – with disastrous consequences!

Dead Water 

A former Marine must risk his life to save his wife and best friend from a modern-day pirate.

A Score to Settle (in theaters and VOD August 2)

With only a short time to live, Frankie Carver is released from prison, vowing to track down every last member of the gang that betrayed him.

Photo: Netflix

TV on Blu-ray and DVD

BoJack Horseman: Seasons One & Two

Frequently hailed by critics as one of the best-animated series of all time, this Primetime Emmy Award-nominated series is making its Blu-ray debut from Shout! Factory. The Collector’s Edition contains a bevy of brand-new bonus features, to be announced at a future date.