Adam Levine’s Wife Says He’s Getting Better With Age, Clearly Doesn’t Go on Twitter Often

Photo: Kevork S. Djansezian / Contributor (Getty Images)

Adam Levine has done it again. No, he didn’t take his shirt off at another nationally-televised event (thank you, Lord) or release (another) homogenous sounding, over-sweetened pop single. Actually, his hat size increased another notch this week as his head swells with pride. This time: convincing himself he’s aging backward.

Telling People magazine recently that he is “Benjamin Button-ing,” the legendary wordsmith is living proof that a healthy ego has been the key to his longevity. His wife, Behati Prinsloo, agrees he’s only getting better with age, which proves she most likely doesn’t watch football. Or own a TV. Or go on Twitter. Or own have access to the Internet.

It’s no wonder that the 40-year-old crooner is congratulating himself on his youthful appearance. A rift has emerged between theorists who fail to conclude on just how he does it. One side speculates that Levine’s vitality is due to the fact that he married Behati Prinsloo, a supermodel nine years his junior, which would likely turn any man into a boy again. The other camp argues that touring the same record for 10 years and writing 12-year-old girl songs has relieved him the stress of any real job.

In preparation for Levine immortal, we at Mandatory have compiled a list of his greatest performances to date. Happy 40th, Adam. And here’s to another 400.

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