Anthony Kiedis Goes Shirtless at Grammys One Week After Adam Levine, Nobody Bats An Eye

Photo: Emma McIntyre / Staff (Getty Images)

If you’re wondering why nobody said a word when Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman, Anthony Kiedis, went shirtless exactly one week after Adam Levine botched the Super Bowl Halftime Show, that’s because we like Kiedis. And he’s been doing it since before you were born.

While Levine was mocked up and down Twitter for Maroon 5’s over-the-top performance (and failing to look badass), Kiedis and company followed Post Malone onstage for a quick get-down of their smash single “Dark Necessities” from their 2016 record The Getaway, which was properly applauded for its ecstatic delivery.

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Don’t get us wrong, Kiedis still pulled a questionable fashion statement before disrobing, but probably because he’s one of the very few who could pull off the multi-colored stars and stripes. That just goes to show, people will only make a fuss when the shirtless man is trying too hard (and not very good at it either).

The Chili Peppers announced in January they’re on hold recording new music due to the Malibu Wildfires, which the band has played in support of.

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