Who Wore It Better: Armie Hammer And Jeff Goldblum Elect ‘I Voted’ Sticker Style

Photos: Dominik Bindl / Contributor, Anadolu Agency / Contributor,  and Jerod Harris / Stringer (Getty Images)

When talking fashion, we typically focus on items of clothing and overall style. But there’s nothing hipper than voting. Thanks to midterm elections, there’s a plethora of celebrity “I Voted” sticker looks and we’re here to help you who wore their sticker best!

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Armie Hammer


Call Me By Your Name star Armie Hammer keeps it simple, highlighting his “I Voted” sticker with a simple cranberry T-shirt and wayfarers. However, the sticker shines because Armie looks so happy in the photo. Doing your civic duty is sexy, even if you’re a little bit scruffy when you do it.

A heartthrob like Armie doesn’t need a lot of accessories to convey this. He lets the democratic process speak for itself. Plus, his boyish good looks and superhero charm seal the deal. Who can argue with that?

Jeff Goldblum


Jeff Goldblum exudes cool confidence and effortless style. After hitting the voting booth, the timeless actor posted this photo of his “I Voted” sticker and a totally monochromatic look. Goldblum ties it all together with a statement pair of black glasses, a black leather jacket, and a black hat, proving that the bad boy can really do good.

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Finally, the Hollywood icon and star of the 1996 film Independence Day captioned the photo with a seminal speech from the film urging people to let go of their “petty differences.”


It was a tough call, but Goldblum’s chic bad boy look brings all the girls to the yard. At least all the ones we talked to. Either way, women everywhere think a man who takes his civic duty seriously is attractive. It just helps when the man in question has also starred in Jurassic Park and is a generational icon. Sorry, Armie. Try again in the next election!