Toy Guns Left By Paraguay Thieves in ‘Most Embarrassing’ Robbery

Photo: NORBERTO DUARTE / Stringer (Getty)

While America struggles with the laws and safety of guns and the prevention of mass shootings on a daily basis, Paraguay is busy with its “most embarrassing” robbery in history, according to the local media.

During a recent inspection, Paraguay officials have come to grips with the fact that their armory was robbed with more than 40 rifles, along with close to 90 handguns, going missing. How could they not notice such a large inventory up and vanishing? The thieves left toy guns, made of plastic and wood, in their place. Classic.

Although the armory guard has been replaced, no arrests have been made, but the guns themselves have not yet been retrieved. Rather, they’re believed to be smuggled to neighboring countries where they typically appear on the black market for a tidy sum of money.

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