Female Model Instagram Problems We Can All Relate To (or Not)

Photo: Piotr Marcinski / EyeEm (Getty Images)

People think it’s so easy being a beautiful female model on social media, but they have no idea about their constant struggles. It’s practically impossible for them to have a normal life when they’re constantly in front of a camera lens. In order to raise awareness about this problem, we’ve decided to give you a glimpse at the everyday lives of some of the most gorgeous female models you can find. These are problems you just can’t deny.

Cindy Kimberly

First up is Cindy Kimberly, a Dutch artist and model. She’s currently at around 4.6 million followers (or you could say stalkers). If you take a glance at Cindy’s Instagram account, you’ll notice she has a huge number of colorful photos. She obviously leads an active life and doesn’t mind showing it. However, sometimes, this public life can take its toll and this picture is the best example.

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Here’s Cindy relaxing with her “boyfriend” near the coastline yet she still can’t get away from the curious eyes of the cameras. Peculiarly, though, her male companion doesn’t seem to be bothered by it. That’s probably something to think about.

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Megan Williams

Next up is a Victoria’s Secret model by the name of Megan Williams. This English beauty was discovered at the age of 14, so it’s safe to assume that she’s quite used to the publicity. She is known to the world as the Guess girl and hasn’t quite topped 500K followers. Of course, being a top model requires a lot of work and constant visits to the gym. Needless to say, there are cameras that captured this as well.

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In this photo, Megan was obviously in the middle of a crucial exercise when someone decided to take a picture of her. You can see by her stance that she’s not happy about it. Some might say that the glasses are quite unnecessary for the gym, but we disagree. How can she give the cameraman an angry look without those sexy glasses?

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Camila Morrone

Have you heard about Camila Morrone? She is an Argentinian actress who has more than a million followers on Instagram and for a good reason. She is stunning. However, a lot of people know about her nowadays because of her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio. In fact, if you take a look at some of her photos on the aforementioned social network, you’ll notice that she has quite an intimate relationship with the person behind the camera.


Although we can’t really know who is behind the camera, we can take a wild guess. Why is this a part of the female model Instagram problems section? Because the camera is obviously interrupting an intimate moment. It’s quite a shame, isn’t it?


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