Rewatch: The True Hidden Gems of ’90s Television

Photo: Warner Bros. Animation

The ’90s reminds us of an exciting time before video streaming services dominated our entertainment-hungry attention spans. It saw the rise of reality TV, the birth of DVDs, and some memorable shows that had us tuning in at a specific time because DVRs didn’t exist and you lacked an extra VHS tape to record stuff.

Our viewing habits might have changed since the decade, but the ’90s produced some of the best programming in recent history. Shows like Seinfeld set the gold standard for sitcoms and gave us something — while ironically being a show about nothing — to look forward to every week. Other formats like In Living Color exposed us to comedians who could execute sketch comedy, revealing talent beyond the confines of Saturday Night LiveThen there were the cartoons. The Simpsons started in the ’80s but boomed in the ’90s and paved the way for others like South Park and Family Guy.

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There were so many shows in the decade, we tend to forget some that brought us joy and hypnotized us for anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes at a time. Luckily we at Mandatory binged a ton of ’90s footage and rediscovered some of TV’s hidden gems the ’90s brought us. Get ready for nostalgia overload, y’all. (Remember to click on the “+” icon to read our take)

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