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Comedy Watch: Taylor Tomlinson Is Our Latest Laugh Factory Female

Photo: NBC / Contributor (Getty)

If you’re desperate for the hottest, new streaming standup comedy, we’ve usually got you covered on suggestions. But we’d like to narrow our spotlight on one up-and-comer who not only has great material, her delivery is solid: Taylor Tomlinson.

We first caught Taylor on Conan in the clip below where she serves up several minutes of relentless laughter based on her religious and awkward upbringing into adulthood, but after looking deeper (as people do when they think they’re the first to discover), we found a fun surprise…

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Taylor not only has a number of great comedy segments, she’s also coincidentally one of the many stars of Netflix’s new hit, The Comedy Lineup. ABC has also been rumored to be developing a sitcom, based on Tomlinson’s childhood.

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