Hacks Of Life: Freeing Stuck Head From Between Rails Is Easier Than Butter

boy tries to get out with balloon. Photo: Image taken by Mayte Torres (Getty)

A parent’s worst nightmare is their child getting seriously injured (or worse). Somewhere further down that list, though probably more likely, would be their kid getting stuck somewhere and not being able to get them out. Of course, the scenario that immediately comes to mind is the old sitcom trope involving a stairway railing and their giant melon.

Allow us to refresh your memory with a jaunt down memory lane:

Why do we immediately resort to the butter tactic in this situation? Generally speaking, butter didn’t get them into this mess, so it certainly won’t get them out. However, up until today, this was the pot calling the kettle black. It honestly does seem like the best option, especially in a panic. But once you really stop and wrap your head around it (so to speak), the solution is so simple:

Escapism trick from r/funny

Thanks to Reddit, we can now clearly see the situation merely requires you to pull the bars apart enough to get a body though, not necessarily an oversized head. While it certainly wouldn’t work in every single instance, it appears to be the more rational tactic.

There’s not enough butter in the world: Kid Gets Stuck And Has To Be Rescued After Trying To Recreate Photo

Then again, you can never entirely rule out simply adding fart sound effects to the mix.

It may not solve your problem, but it sure removes the stress factor.