30-Year-Old Loser Evicted From Parents’ House Gets Job Offer From CamSoda

Eviction notice on door step. Photo: Peter Dazeley (Getty)

A 30-year-old New York “man” became the face of millions of uninspired millennials overnight thanks to a widely-publicized courtroom verdict. Michael Rotondo was essentially kicked him out of his parents’ home in Camillus after ignoring several letters asking him to leave on his own earlier this year.

Then again, Rotondo doesn’t consider himself a millennial. Or after some thought, yes, he actually believes he’s a millennial. I don’t know. You try watching this video and coming up with anything “reasonable” or falling somewhere near the realm of common sense.

It’s interesting to hear Rotondo say he doesn’t have the financial means to support himself on his own, especially considering his parents offered him $1,100 to help create some kind of semblance of a productive existence. Decent one-bedroom apartments in Syracuse can be had for as little as $475 a month. Throw in the cash he could pull down selling his weapons collection, and he might already have enough for the rest of the summer.

There are way more Michael Rotondos out there than should be: Alarming Number Of Millennials Still Living At Home With Their Parents

Even though he’s unsurprisingly jobless at the moment, TMZ is reporting the crew at CamSoda is willing to change that for him by offering him a gig that will pay $1,000 a month for the next six months. The good news for everybody is that he won’t have to get naked or punch his clown to Pantera videos to collect the cash. CamSoda also “allows people to livestream their candid lives 24/7.” Essentially, that’s what he’ll be asked to do.

Well, there you have it. Michael Rotondo is appearing on national television and other mainstream media sources for being nothing short of an underachieving, uninspired and unemployed bum. Hopefully the poor guy catches a break soon.