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Absolute Nutjob Says You Should Get Your Infant’s Consent Before Changing Diapers

FALSE. Photo: Hero Images (Getty)

Even crazier than the notion of getting your 3-month-old child’s permission to change their crap-filled Pampers is the fact that Deanne Carson is considered a sexuality and relationship “expert” who “educates” children and adults on a frequent basis.

According to Viral Thread, Carson’s latest act of lunacy took place earlier this month when she said during an interview on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) that parents should be waiting for consent from their child before changing his or her diaper a.k.a. “nappy.”

Sadly, this isn’t a story from The Onion. The interview actually took place on May 8, and it has been getting slammed by the majority of people with a fully-functioning brain ever since, including the crew from the Australian morning show Sunrise on the Seven Network.

Check. F–king. Mate.

It’s hard to argue with Mark Latham’s take on Carson’s absurd comments: “It’s the equivalent of talking to yourself.” I mean, if your kid is screaming because he or she just blew out the back of their Huggies with a Taco Bell dump from hell, what are you supposed to do, wait for them to stop, “leave a space” for some body language or eye contact and then change his or her diaper? It’s pure idiocy.

Now here’s a concept that makes total sense: Hugging Babies Makes Them Smarter, So Snuggle Yours Extra Tight

In a related story, the definition of “expert” might want to be reviewed by the crew at Merriam-Webster some time this summer.