Everyone Loves When A ‘Lion King’ / ‘Simpsons’ Mashup Meshes Perfectly

GIFs are great. If they’re funny enough, you can play them over and over and laugh every time. Occasionally, they even get funnier with each passing play.

However, once in a blue moon, sound is necessary to really make a concept pop. That, and a mediocre green screen effect to really put it over the top. But we wouldn’t want to ruin anything for you from there. Just watch this clip incorporating a staple scene from Disney’s classic The Lion King into a very famous The Simpsons chair gag that somehow got even funnier just now (BUT BE SURE TO PAUSE AND TURN THE SOUND ON BEFORE LETTING IT PLAY).

Made me crack up from r/funny

The clip comes courtesy of Redditer_F23. While a caption is usually half the battle when it comes to getting your posts to the top of Reddit, this one stuck with an apt “Made me crack up.”

We haven’t seen a mashup this good since someone dubbed Curb Your Enthusiasm dialogue over Doug to hilarious ends.

Frankly when something is this funny, what’s in a name anyways?