Hero Grandpa Saves The Day By Tripping Armed Robber Fleeing Police

Retro style comics Superhero old man. Photo: stockillustration (Getty)

For my grandfather, we consider him to be a hero every time he makes it to the bathroom without crapping his Wranglers. One elderly man in Ohio, however, is being hailed a champion of men for a much different reason.

According to Yahoo! News, this Columbus senior citizen — who wants to be known only as “Bill” — gave police officers chasing an armed robbery suspect a huge assist. By simply stepping back with his right leg, he caused the perk to fall to the ground, giving police enough time to catch up.

Grandpa Bill was spending the day at a public library with his granddaughter when he saw officers chasing Shawn Briggs. Bill said he saw Briggs running with his hand in his waistband and quickly assessed the situation. Fearing the worst, Bill said he had no choice but to bring the chase to an end.

“I had one opportunity and I had to make the choice if I was going to act or if I was going to be a bystander,” Bill said. “He had a pretty good lead on your closest officer. He was coming my way so I got in his way to slow him down so you guys could get him. I just stuck my foot out.”

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Officers praised Bill’s heroic actions over the weekend, saying that there is a good chance that his “fancy footwork” saved lives.

“It scares me to death what may have been going through that young man’s mind and I fear he, for a split second, had some very ill intentions,” Officer Scott Highland said.

It’s unknown which is going to be worse for Briggs going forward: the sentence he receives after his latest law-breaking affair or the hit his street cred takes.