Modesto 7-Eleven Is Cranking Classical Music To Keep The ‘RiffRaff’ Away

Blurry Supermarket. Photo: Vorawich-Boonseng (Getty)

Boy, who would have thought we’d reach a point in society where playing Mozart’s greatest hits too loud for comfort would actually be a thing. We thought classical music was supposed to be relaxing.

According to The Sacramento Bee, a 7-Eleven in Modesto, California is proving you can have too much of a good thing, as they are cranking tasteful symphonies outside of their store in an effort to keep the “riffraff” away. And get this: It’s actually working!

classical music deters riffraff, 7-eleven

Listening to the voices. Photo: Juanmonino (Getty)

Store owner Sukhi Sandhu says that his paying customers have been full of compliments and told him that they feel much safer since he decided to start blasting Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms and Bach at his Modesto location.

You wouldn’t believe who else agrees with Sandhu’s musical measures? That’s right — the riffraff.

“Once the music started, the riffraff left,” said Manuel Souza, who’s homeless and jokingly referred to himself as part of the group Sandhu hopes to deter. “The loud music makes it hard to hang out and gossip and joke around near the store.”

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Sandhu said he could have used a “device that emits a high-pitched screech similar to a mosquito buzzing in your ear,” but he feels the classical music and even operas have been “more effective.”

classical music deters riffraff, 7-eleven

So there you have it. Perhaps older folks can take a cue from 7-Eleven when it comes to getting rid of those damn kids and their rap music. It seems to be working against loitering vagrants just fine.