British Guy With Laser Jammer In Car Gets Jail Time For Flipping Off Speed Cameras

Englishman driving a car. Photo: andresr (Getty)

Pretty much every motorist who drives by a speed camera has some form of “fuck you” populates their brain, but only a select few heroes wear said message on the tip of their middle fingers and hold them up nice and high for authorities to see as they drive through.

According to Jalopnik, one of those heroes is 67-year-old Timothy Hill, who drove past several North Yorkshire speed cameras in his car fitted with a laser jammer numerous times in December. Those moments he sped past them while giving the ol’ Bronx salute were even captured on video.

Oh, man. That’s some great harmless fun right there.

Or is it?

You see, kids, the North Yorkshire Police Department was so butthurt by Hill’s actions, they threw the book at him. Hill is going to be spending the next eight months in the clink as a result. The issue wasn’t so much the bird flipping as it was the fact that his Range Rover was fitted with a laser jammer.

Still, having to worry about dropping the soap for eight months seems rather excessive for a few middle fingers and a laser jammer. After all, he would have only gotten up to six months behind bars if those cameras would have captured him driving drunk.

You could say, in legal terms, this means Hill’s sentence was bullshit.