Front view of truck

Here’s A Raised Semi Trailer Full Of Seeds Plowing Into An Overpass

Photo: vm (Getty Images)

In the age of dash cams and ‘Big Brother’ on every corner, it’s no  longer uncommon to see footage of a devastating crash.

It was just earlier this year we saw a biker escape death after crashing, sliding underneath a moving semi. This unintentional instructional video also gave us a look at how-to-not-pass-a-semi-101.

But the video below nearly made me choke on my Frosted Flakes this morning.

Yup. That’s a semi-truck barreling down a highway with its trailer completely raised.

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The crash happened Wednesday on a stretch of highway just north of Montreal, Canada. The stuff raining down immediately after the crash? Canola seed.


The trailer was loaded with canola seed when it struck a pedestrian overpass on Highway 40 in Repentigny Wednesday afternoon. The driver of a vehicle next to the semi was recording as it drove down the highway with its trailer raised, capturing the moment the semi hit the bridge.

Makes you wonder if other drivers — including the one filming — tried honking their horn to warn the semi-driver he had his bed still raised. Thank God, no one was hurt.

Twitter, of course, had a predictable reaction to the spectacular crash.

There are some politicians you are currently pushing for the country to mandate truck drivers have an alarm in their cab in the event their bed is still raised while in transit. Probably not a terrible idea. Until then, be wary of cross-walk bridges. Or giant beds of canola seed.

Josh Helmuth is a sports reporter in St. Louis who contributes for Mandatory.