34 Percent Of Millennials Actually Believe The World Is Flat

Photo: PeopleImages (Getty Images)

Not to be outdone, a lot of older folks also believe the world is flat. Some will even build a rocket and blast themselves into the sky to prove it. But for now let’s focus on those damn kids!

According to a poll on YouGov, which polled 8,215 adults, only 66 percent of 18-24-years-old agree that the earth is a nice round shape. The rest believe that we’re all walking on a flat earth and NASA is obviously hiding something from us for some reason. Although, according to the poll, more than half of those ‘flat’ people the earth is flat would call themselves “very religious.”

You have to scratch your head at people who actually believe the world is flat as countless evidence shows that it isn’t at all. Hell, some flat-earthers even tried to use the eclipse as proof to show that we’re all living in a flat world.

Now perhaps some of the folks who answered that poll were trying to troll us, but regardless, we’ve seen plenty of people come out and say they think the world is flat. Even rapper B.O.B. I think it’s time millennials put down the food and instead pick up a science book. What are they going to believe next? That there’s a Space Force? Who would even suggest such a thing?