Babe of the Day – Raychul Moore

FULL NAME: Raychul Moore
LOCATION: San Francisco, CA
PROFESSION: Video game journalist and on-camera host
FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: Gaming, collecting action figures, going to Disney World,  discussing horror movies
FAVORITE MOVIE GENRE/WHY?: Horror because I love to be scared. Although most horror movies don’t scare me anymore, I still like the kill scenes and all of the over-the-top blood and gore. I am always on the hunt for that next horror movie that will really disturb and shock me.
FAVORITE GAMING GENRE/WHY?: Action/Adventure (God of War, Uncharted) and Survival Horror (Silent Hill, Fatal Frame). I just like games that have fast-paced gameplay mixed with an interesting storyline and creative character development. I want a game that gives me a gun and tells me who to kill, I won’t ask any questions.
FAVORITE PICK UP LINE: Oh, I hate pick up lines but I guess someone leaning over and whispering the Konami code into my ear could do the trick. But I love hearing guys geek out about computers and stuff, all that talk of RAM and gigabytes is quite a turn on. I also have a crush on StormTroopers, so they have a better chance, until they take their helmet off that is. 🙂
DO YOU LIKE GAMING WITH YOUR MAN?: Oh yes, it’s a must. We like to play a lot of co-op games together but we also like to trade off the controller back and forth in single-player games. He likes to watch me play and I like to watch him play, although I am the first to admit that I am not the best backseat driver when it comes to just watching. 🙂 A guy must be a gamer to date me.
ANY FUNNY STORY THAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU AT A CONVENTION/GAME STORE: I can’t think of anything really funny, but one of fondest memories was at this past Comic Con when I was dressed as Cammy from Street Fighter. A female security guard came up to me and told me I would have to leave because of “indecent exposure” – my Cammy costume has a thong back. When she got on her radio to call another guard, I ran off into the huge crowd and tried my best to blend in with all of the other costumes. Needless to say, she never found me and I was free to walk the show floor again bare-assed and all!
IDEAL GUY: I like a guy who is funny, very geeky, a gamer, a Star Wars fan, willing to watch my sick and twisted foreign films, laid back, charming and has a hint of innocence.
WHERE CAN WE FIND OUT MORE ABOUT YOU? I am just about everywhere but my main portal is You can also find me on Twitter at where I give out free games every other week and also my new YouTube channel ( which I update regularly. Lastly, you can see my gaming event coverage and interviews over at