People Kept Pooping On Maine Beach So They Finally Got A Seasonal Restroom Trailer

Photo: gmnicholas (Getty)

Despite the fact that visitors to Maine’s world-renowned Old Orchard Beach have been pissing and shitting all over the beach and the surrounding private property because there isn’t a restroom to do it in, two board members still voted against bringing in a toilet.

Luckily for both visitors and residents, there are five people on the Old Orchard Beach Town Council, and three of them have brains and used them to say yes to purchasing a seasonal restroom trailer.

According to the Portland Press Herald, there are already public restrooms in the downtown area but “not at other access points to the 7-mile-long sandy beach.” And that has apparently been an issue for people taking romantic walks down that stretch of beach, as instead of the night ending in each other’s pants, it has instead come to an end with one of them dropping his or her pants and taking a dump on a neighboring lawn.

The yes vote on Tuesday calls for an “installation of a self-contained restroom trailer that can be put in place for the summer months before being removed and stored outside during the off-season.”

So that means if you’re taking one of those romantic walks on a mild November night and the tilapia you chowed down on for dinner doesn’t agree with you, you’re still going to be shit out of luck. Pun intended.

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