Sleepwalker Falls Out Of 8th-Floor Window, Actually Survives

Photo: Ljupco (Getty)

One of the problems I have is not getting enough sleep because I just can’t seem to fall asleep when I want to. One of the problems that I don’t have is sleepwalking, and I’m pretty thankful for that because the Lord knows I wouldn’t want to end up like poor Randy Phothisane.

The 35-year-old New York man is currently at a hospital after he slept-walk his way right out of a window to his apartment. And yet luckily for for him, some scaffolding was set up below so Phothisane only ended up falling six stories down. Still, that’s a hell of a long way down.

Phothisane’s brother says his brother has a history of sleepwalking, with his mother adding, “I really don’t know how he fell. I am really worried about him.” Even after falling out of a window Phothisane only suffered a broken leg and rib injuries to his back and torso.

And if you’re a sleepwalker, here are some things that might help you according to WebMD:

Get adequate sleep.

Limit stress. Meditate or do relaxation exercises.

Avoid any kind of stimulation (auditory or visual) prior to bedtime.

And to make sure you don’t fall out of a freaking window or hurt yourself badly, make sure you do these things:

Keep a safe sleeping environment, free of harmful or sharp objects.

Sleep in a bedroom on the ground floor, if possible.

Lock the doors and windows.

Cover glass windows with heavy drapes.

Place an alarm or bell on the bedroom door.

In other words, sleep in a bubble.

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