Woman Orders Sauna Hats From Ukraine But Receives A Vile Of Scorpion Venom Instead

Photo: Ricardo Cortes-Cameron / EyeEm (Getty)

Kramer might have considered Ukraine to be weak and feeble, but based on what they’re sending people who order cheap sauna hats on Amazon, well, they seem to be anything but that.

According to Mashable, a journalist named Meagan Day jumped on Amazon late last year to order felt sauna hats from a seller known as RussianBear as a joke for her and her friends who like to use the sauna together. It took almost a month for Day to receive a package, but when she opened it, there was no sign of her hats. Instead, it was pretty much the exact opposite inside.

And just what is the exact opposite of felt sauna hats? You guessed it – blue scorpion venom.

No, seriously. Day shared her story on Twitter late last week.

Maybe it’s just us, but Day should probably send RussianBear a Christmas card, as blue scorpion venom is considered to be a miracle drug in Cuba when it comes to fighting cancer or restoring muscle and energy. And depending on how diluted the venom is, Day could be sitting on anything from a few hundred dollars to a few grand worth of the good shit.

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