Man Sucked Into MRI Machine While Visiting Relative At Hospital

Photo: sudok1 (Getty) 

The last time I was in the hospital for an MRI I got super claustrophobic, which of course led to being a terrible experience. That said, things didn’t end up like they ended up for the poor guy in this story.

A 32-year-old man named Rajesh Maru was visiting a relative in the hospital when he suddenly was pulled into an MRI machine after he entered the room where the MRI machine was while carrying an oxygen cylinder.

According to Deepak Deoraj, the Mumbai police spokesperson, “a doctor and another junior staff member were arrested under section 304 of the Indian penal code for causing death due to negligence.”

The very unfortunate incident occurred at Nair Hospital in India. Police say Maru died from inhaling liquid oxygen that leaked from the cylinder. And believe it or not police actually have CCTV footage of the incident. Also, according to Maru’s uncle, Maru had been asked to carry the cylinder by the junior staff member who assured him the machine was switched off.

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“The ward boy who was supposed to prevent such incidents told my family members to go inside when the machine was turned on. We are shocked and devastated,” Jitendra Maru told AFP.

At the moment, the state government of Maharashtra has offered compensation of $7,870 for the victim’s family. Also at the moment, I have decided never to enter a room with an MRI machine ever again.

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