City Council In Texas Appoints Dead Woman To Housing Authority Board

Photo: RichLegg (Getty)

Congratulations to Wanda Sandlin for being selected to serve as a board member for the local housing authority in New Braunfels, Texas.

There’s just one problem, though, and it’s apparently a bigger problem for people like you and I compared to, oh, I don’t know, the rest of the New Braunfels City Council.

You see, kids, according to the San Antonio Current, Wanda Sandlin is dead, and that’s what makes her appointment to the Housing Authority Board so newsworthy.

Photo: New Braunfels City Council

The council announced earlier this week that Sandlin would be filling the open position. Another board member said that the process usually involves calling the applicant before voting on the appointment, something that was allegedly on Monday night’s agenda. It’s just that when the board called this time around, Sandlin didn’t answer, and she had a pretty good reason for not picking up the phone.

Another board member said that the mixup will “most likely” cause the board to ask the fine folks of New Braunfels to “reevaluate the selection process,” which probably won’t be a problem as long as everybody in charge of changing the process has a pulse.

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