This Plane Somehow Went Off A Cliff And Didn’t Kill Anyone On Board

Photo: Kaz Chiba (Getty)

Crazy news out of Turkey — a commercial jet carrying 168 people skid off a runway this past weekend. The scariest part is that the airstrip doesn’t have much of a shoulder. It has a cliff bordering the Black Sea. And said plane almost careened right into it.

The plane was a Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800. By the time it stopped moving upon its landing attempt the plane was at an insane angle on the side of the cliff adjacent to Ankara-Tabzon Airport.

There were also plumes of smoke that developed and had to be extinguished as well.

Somehow, thank God, all 162 passengers, two pilots and four cabin crew made it out of the plane without a scratch. The accident shut down the airport until the following morning while a “probe” was launched to figure out why the plane skidded off the runway.

Reports say there was no alcohol in the pilots’ systems. And odd statement considering reports first said ice was to blame.

One pilot told prosecutors the plane’s right engine malfunctioned during the landing, which he said pulled the plane towards the Black Sea.

Pegasus has yet to provide more information.

I think I’ll avoid flying the mythical winged stallion of the skies for awhile, er, ever.

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Josh Helmuth is a sports guy and contributor to Mandatory.