Man Digs Massive Hole In His Garden, Gets In And Refuses To Get Out

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Sometimes you get out of bed and tell yourself, “I think I will dig a hole and get in and avoid the real world.” Well that’s exactly what one guy in England did.

Firefighters were actually call after the unidentified man got into the hole and refused to get out. His neighbor, Dominic Denny witnessed the bizarre incident and confirmed the man had dug the hole himself. “It started at about 4am this morning when there was a lot of shouting and screaming coming from the house opposite me,” he told the Bath Chronicle. “The young man’s family was outside trying to get him back in the house.”

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Police and firefighters arrived a few hours later, and Denny confirms that at least 10 different emergency service team members were at the location, including a specialist team from Avon Fire and Rescue Service. All because this idiot decided to throw a tantrum in a hole.

“They called the specialist in and they put together a kind of crane over the hole and then tried to go down and get him,” Denny adds.

The entire road was closed off while authorities dealt with the guy. Eventually the man left the hole, a hole he had been digging for weeks. But there’s still no answer as to why he dug the hole to begin with. Here’s what an Avon and Somerset police spokesperson said:

“We responded to the incident this morning in a support capacity. We had to close the road because there were so many service vehicles in response, which was disruptive because it was on a bus route. The incident was resolved and the man got out of the hole of his own accord.”

I wouldn’t get in a hole, but if I want to stay in bed for days, please don’t call the authorities.

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