This Square Dancing Conspiracy Is Insane


If you or someone you know has ever been forced to learn how to square dance in school, they are part of a huge government conspiracy to rid the world of jazz music. It seems silly, but the farther you go down this rabbit hole, the more the story checks out.

Buckle up, because you are about to learn that what we were taught in P.E. can’t be trusted. We’re fairly certain there is some military experiment related to dodgeball, as well, but we haven’t figured it out just yet.

This Square Dancing Conspiracy Is Insane

Writer Robyn Pennacchia was doing some research when she stumbled upon the fact that the square dance is the official state dance of most states that have a “state dance.”

So she started to dig deeper, and discovered that this push to make the square dance the official dance of the U.S.A. had ties to automaker and anti-semite Henry Ford.

But why would a rich individual care about a silly dance, and why would he use his money and influence pushing for it to be taught in schools? Apparently, Ford and some like-minded individuals felt like jazz music was ruining society, and being racist and anti-Semitic, they didn’t want their culture hi-jacked.

And that’s when all the weirdos turn crazy as the plot continues to thicken. Check out Robyn’s full thread if you really want to do a deep dive, but we can’t guarantee your safety (or sanity) from there.

square dancing conspiracy

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