According To Medical Research, You Can Exercise Tumors Away

Revenge of the laboratory mice. Photo: Jobalou (Getty).

Just when we thought medical science and technology could fix most problems caused by being lazy, new information comes out saying we need to exercise more. According to the latest research, exercise could shrink tumors. It hasn’t been tested in humans yet, but pretty soon we are going to have cancer-free mice!

We’ve covered ways to stay in shape if you are lazy, but apparently, that’s not good enough for medical science. Studies at the Copenhagen University Hospital have revealed that when mice are injected with cancer cells, the ones who exercise shrank the tumors. Meanwhile, the mice that didn’t exercise were far less likely to have their tumors shrink.


The Economist describes that adrenaline and a molecule called “interleukin-6” are responsible for attacking the cancer cells. This combination was released when the mice exercised on a wheel in their cage. But just to make sure, they simply injected the same combo into the lazy mice, resulting in nearly the same result. So there is still hope for those of us who refuse to exercise!

Hopefully, this research leads to some new breakthroughs in treatments for cancer. Until then, I guess we are going to have to go for a, (shutter), jog now and then.

Of course, there is another way to release things from your body while jogging, but it’s pretty frowned upon in most circles: Female Jogger Dubbed “The Mad Pooper” Wanted After Pooping Outside Family’s Home


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