Underwhelming Time Capsule Discovered Hidden Up Jesus’ Butt

Man Dressed As Jesus Standing On Grassy Field Against Sky. Photo: Julin David Agudelo Trujillo / EyeEm (Getty).

When was the last time you took part in a time capsule? Probably around grade school, right? There seems to be an unwritten law that when creating a time capsule, you put some stuff in a box and bury it. Well, someone in the 1700s threw all that out the window and decided to leave some notes between the ass cheeks of a Jesus statue.

Time Capsule Found Hidden In Jesus’ Butt

While America was in its infancy, some jokester in Spain named Joaquin Minguez was sticking his diary up the butt of a statue. Come on dude, hasn’t Jesus been through enough? It just doesn’t seem appropriate.

According to Vox, the statue from Spain was being restored when the note was discovered. The restoration was clearly done by a very thorough individual if they were willing to check the anal cavity of a statue. Whatever that person makes, it needs to be doubled. Check out the “unveiling” below:

The note contained information about the political climate of 1777 in Spain, what was popular at the time and other trivial matters. It was basically useless, so maybe it was placed appropriately. Even so, we shouldn’t treat Jesus like a prison mule. Although, it does add a hilarious new layer to this Family Guy gag:

We here at Mandatory are in the process of creating our own time capsule. We are making a phony treasure map and hiding it inside the butt of the Rocky Balboa statue in Philadelphia. That way, in 200 years, at least the people who discover it will have something to do.

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