‘Borat’ Actor Sacha Baron Cohen Paid Fines Issued To Guys Wearing Mankinis In Kazakhstan

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With summer behind us and the holiday season in full swing, you’re probably in the mode of dressing in warmer attire. Hell, you might even live in an area full of snow and would find the latest Nikes very useful.

But the season might not matter to you when it comes to dressing for occasions. For example, one group of tourists decided to wear their “mankinis” when visiting fog-covered Kazakhstan earlier this month. The laws there are quite different than you might be used to, so these dudes got arrested for sporting the swimsuit made famous in the movie Borat. Luckily for them, the actor who played the lead role gave them a helping hand for their troubles.

Borat Actor Paid Fines For Guys Wearing Mankinis In Kazakhstan

Six tourists thought it would be fun to dress in mankinis when they visited Kazakhstan, just like Cohen did for his role in the movie and character who hailed from the country. Well, they got arrested and fined 22,500 Tenge ($68), but Borat himself wasn’t about to let them deal with that alone. He openly asked them to send the bill.

Cohen didn’t have to do anything here, but it’s pretty damn cool that he stepped up to take care of some fans that were obviously giving him recognition for his work in the 2006 comedy.

borat mankini fines

Photo: Stephane L’hostis (Getty).

While we might find it funny, others (including the cops) didn’t. A journalist named Assem Mirjekeeva asked on Facebook: “I wonder how would the Czech authorities react if our citizens did the same in their country?” Maybe the Czech cops aren’t as easily offended as you, Assem, and they would have let is slide. Just a hunch.

Even after this, mankinis are still a no-no in Kazakhstan. If you have one, maybe take the country off the itinerary when planning your next backpacking trip.

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