The Week’s Funniest GIFs 11-16-17

A picture is worth a thousand words, and yet I get stuck captioning GIFs. That’s like…tens of thousands of words. No way I’m up for that. Heck, this intro just got started and I’m already slogging. Perhaps a little warm-up is in order. Tell you what — why don’t you check out the hilarious GIFs below and I’ll catch up with you. By the time you get through them all, I will have certainly thought of something more clever to say. And if not, well, you’ll always have the captions you met along the way. You can’t put a word count on that, right?

Funniest GIFs 11-16-17

Did it work? Am I a talented writer now?

Eh, it was worth a shot. I guess it’s true what that book publisher told me once: “I’m calling security. How did you even get in here?”

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