Cringeworthy Anti-Graffiti Video From WA Police Goes Viral

The Western Australian police force has released a seriously awkward anti-graffiti video encouraging Perth residents to report local graffiti to authorities.

The video has garnered hundreds of shares and thousands of views, with social media users calling it out for its flimsy premise and the frankly cringeworthy interaction between its two main actors.

The clip shows a couple buying coffee in Leederville, and after the woman enquires what the “special occasion” is, her partner explains that he reported some youths for spraying a bus stop with paint.

“I got sick of them doing it and tagging, so I reported them,” says the guy. “I didn’t realise it, we got a reward.”

With graffiti costing WA an estimated $25 million a year, the video caption implores the public to “help stop graffiti offenders”, also noting that “you may be eligible for a reward”.

The clip has been cut to shreds online though, being labelled “the worst video I have ever seen” as well as “a joke” and a “waste of taxpayer money”.

“Saving money on actors to pay rewards, I like it,” was another response.

The clip has even caught the attention former triple j host and Frenzal Rhomb member Lindsay McDougall, as well as Phil Jamieson from Grinspoon.

“I like the music,” said Jamieson, before McDougall commented “that song from the 90s that has the ‘biddy biddy bop’ scat singing in it”.

Watch the video in all its cringeworthy glory, and read some of the best reactions, below.