TAG is a Visual Rollercoaster Ride Through a Graffiti Artist’s POV

Photo: Steve Tirona

Although street art is now everywhere from billboard ads to corporate walls, it began as an underground act that gave a voice to the voiceless. That underrepresented voices rose from the city streets of New York and spread across the world in cities (Los Angeles, Paris, Sao Paulo) where class, color and culture collide.

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Speaking up and making your mark in the world is not confined to any class, creed or culture, but an angst that we all have growing inside us, especially if we feel we’re not being heard.

Such is the plot for TAG, a short film from writer/director (and Crave Music Editor) Patrick Green about “a colorful day in the life of a graffiti artist looking to make a mark.”

After a successful film festival run, the award-winning TAG is now available to watch online for free. The action-packed short film was shot in true graffiti spirit (guerilla-style) and is inspired by Green and co-director Steve Tirona’s love for street art, video games and the multiculturalism of Los Angeles. Plus, it stars a Power Ranger.

“As an Asian American filmmaker who has struggled to be heard, I wanted the audience to see what we had to say, our point of view through a graffiti artist’s eyes, “says Green, “which is why we literally shot it in POV.”

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