Crave’s Patrick Green Has a Film at the RAW Film Festival!

Photo: Steve Tirona

We’re proud of our crew here at Crave, and it’s with that pride that we announce our very own music editor Patrick Green has a film playing at RAW Film Festival 2017.

Patrick Green’s film Tag is told entirely from a first-person perspective. In it, “a young graffiti artist navigates the mean streets of Boyle Heights drawing the attention of some homies who don’t take kindly to strangers in their neighborhood.”

“I wanted to tell that story using a character that defies the stereotypical tagger that’s portrayed in the media. Graffiti/street art is a part of pop culture, so why wouldn’t it attract ‘others’ looking for a ‘voice,'” Patrick Green explains in the film’s EPK. “As an Asian American artist myself who has struggled to be heard, I wanted the audience to see what we had to say, our point of view, which is why we literally shot it in POV.”

The RAW Film Festival takes place from 11:30am to 11:30pm on June 4, 2017, in Echo Park, CA. The short film festival “features work from local talent across Southern California and beyond. Numerous cinematic disciplines are to be represented, with a focus on fresh, edgy, subversive programming from innovative indies on the come-up. With a focus on multidisciplinary filmmakers and high conceptualization, the day and night are peppered with live performances and installations, each directly related to the films shown.”

Patrick Green’s Tag will be featured in the “Burbank Robbers” program, which screens at 4:30pm.

Photo: RAW Film Festival / Patrick Green