Jackass 3D’s Top 10 Disgusting Moments

Jackass 3D's Top 10 Disgusting Moments

New 3D is not a gimmick. It’s not about throwing things in your face. It’s about creating depth and bringing the audiences into an immersive new world. I guess the Jackass gang didn’t get James Cameron’s memo, because they have a lot of stuff coming out of the screen. Here are the 10 most disgusting, offensive 3D gags in the new Jackass 3D.


10. Fart streamer/dart gun 

Never say Jackass doesn’t give new talent a big break. They found a guy who could fart on command. Now farts sound funny and smell bad, but how do you make that 3D? How about sticking a streamer in the anus and blowing it out in 3D, or a blowdart gun. The bit went even further but the final cut held back. 

“Are you talking about the fart guy who blew the darts out of his butt?” director Jeff Tremaine said. “We did another bit. We actually shot Steve-O in the face with darts. He put a dartboard around his head but it just got to be too much. I thought the balloon popping was actually funnier than him getting hit in the face.”


9. Dildo Bazooka 

They got this one from all angles. When Johnny Knoxville shoots a dildo through the air, you see it floating through the air right in front of you. This wasn’t even originally conceived in 3D, but the dildo’s journey only gets more and more epic as it approaches its target. 

“It came about because we had Bam against a wall bent over with his pants down and we’re shooting him in the ass with the dildo bazooka,” Johnny Knoxville said. “I wanted a shot of just the dildo flying through the air, and I saw it, it was hilarious, and then I was like, ‘I want it to fly through cities!’ And then it’s like, ‘I want it to break glasses of milk!’”


8. Helicockter 

There’s nothing offensive or gross about a toy helicopter flying out of the screen, right? What’s offensive is what’s on the other end of it. They tied the helicopter to Chris Pontius’s naked penis and flew it until something had to give. 

“We did it more than once to be honest,” Tremaine said. “That’s something we did just to test out to see if we could shoot this in 3D. Not just if we can shoot it, if the cameras can. It was more to test the crew that the 3D camera comes with. Can they handle Chris naked, Steve-O throwing up? We went after them with the total assault. One was is this 3D going to look cool if we have a little toy helicopter flying off his wiener, but two, can this crew handle his wiener with a helicopter flying off it? We found the perfect crew. They absolutely loved it. They encouraged it.” 

Pontius himself added, “Then we sent the footage to Paramount and all the executives there, ‘It’s a go, what do you need?’”


7. Fart bubbles 

If you book a guy who can fart on command, you get your money’s worth. Even grosser than the streamer and dart gun, the dude blows bubbles with his ass. Now those things float out of the screen in your face. 

“That fart guy, we just kind of winged it,” Tremaine said. “We just knew we wanted to do a bunch of stupid stuff. If the guy could fart on command, let’s have him blow bubbles and do all kinds of crap.”


6. Poo Cocktail Supreme 

The clip that’s been making the rounds since Comic-Con is the Poo Cocktail Supreme. In homage to Johnny Knoxville’s original stunt, they rig a port-a-potty to bungee cables, secure Steve-O inside and launch it into the air. The force of the bungee jerk sends poo spraying all over the inside and leaking out. 

“We’re always so bad at placing those little point of view cameras,” Tremaine told us during Comic-Con. “In that one, we got them all in the right spots. Every camera angle in that was perfect. That’s so rare for us. That was one of those bits that honestly when you see it on paper, we thought we’d just film it and it’d be a throwaway bit. It turned out all the magic happened that day. We don’t have control of that. That’s just the magic’s out there and you’ve just got to go find it. That was a one take jaker. It was too gross to do it again. I wish we had smellivision because it smelled f*cking horrible in there, man.”



5. Cameraman vomit 

One of the hallmarks of Jackass is that when the guys do something gross, the crew reacts worst of all. Now that they’re shooting with 3D cameras, when Lance Bangs can’t hold it in, he lets it go right in your face. 

“We try to get everything in 3D,” Tremaine said. “We didn’t get exactly the whole movie in 3D but man, we got a lot more than I ever thought we would. Lance has a pretty light stomach. Rick Kosick. Also our soundman pukes a lot. So those three you’ve got to have a camera ready to spin to them if you want a funny reaction on a gross bit.”


4. Steve-O vomits in your face


In a bit called Sweat Cocktail, they wrap Preston Lacy in plastic and send him on an elliptical machine workout. They collect the sweat in a cocktail for Steve-O to drink. Frankly, he doesn’t even get it in his mouth before he vomits right into the camera. 

“I’ve got a really powerful imagination,” Steve-O said. “I think it got there. Maybe, I don’t know. It was so sick. As far as the most disgusting, I’m sure that was up there but there’s been some pretty gross stuff.”


3. Bam’s hairy palm 

Bam Margera gives his father, Phil, a chest waxing, but not with proper hot wax and paper. He used super glue, and his own hand. With a palm full of Phil hair, Bam sticks it right into the camera and out into the audiences. 

“I didn’t really look at it that way,” Margera said. “Slowly, after looking at the playback footage, because we can look at the 3D right exactly after it happened. Then we started coming up with better ideas that 3D would look cool in.”


2. Poo volcano 

Dave England has always been an archivist of poo, taking photographs of his own bowel movements. It must have been a great honor for him to provide the world’s first 3D poo, turning his own ass into a poo volcano. 

“It feels outlandish,” England said. “The last two movies I’ve sh*t in both the first two movies and then to have this one be in 3D and like everyone’s got to watch it all across the country and other countries, I’m pretty stoked.”


1. The pee cam

For some reason, this got me more than the poo and vomit. A small camera attached to Bam’s penis shows the penis’s eye view of urination. That’s fine, but it’s Bam so of course he pees on other people. At least the vomic and poo were natural reactions on their own. The pee cam is actually designed to get it on you and show the depth of field the stream follows to its target. 

“You’re never safe on set,” Margera said. “Like, even when they’re changing angles with the 3D Phantom cameras, it’s like, alright, so we have 2 hours to kill, that’s when it’s like, alright, I have to take a leak. Well, I’m gonna tape a camera to my, you know what. So you just constantly, just always turning around, and we even have a masseuse on set, like if you hurt your neck, they give you a massage, whatever. You can’t do it because you’ll get stun gunned, or punched in the face or peed on. You’re doomed all around.”