People Are Having Nonstop Public Sex In Park Outside of Million-Dollar Harlem Condos

Photo: Andy Andrews (Getty)

Condominiums in Harlem are selling for millions of dollars these days, which is something that many people thought they would never see because, once again, they are condos in Harlem.

And speaking of things people didn’t expect to see, many of those new condo owners weren’t expecting to step onto the balconies of their new million-dollar living spaces and see people humping each other and dudes jerking off in the adjacent Marcus Garvey Park.

According to DNA Info, one former condo owner says it’s all going down in broad daylight, too.

“I saw a lot of blowjobs, guys having sex, guys masturbating, I really saw the whole gamut,” Marie Gelot, who lived in a building overlooking the park for five years before moving out in August, said.

Photo: Marcus Garvey Park – (Steven Greaves/Getty)

The doorman of the complex agreed with Gelot, saying that as a lifelong New Yorker, he had seen many things but nothing as shocking as what was going down in the park.

“Not to be too graphic, but it was one gal and three guys,” he said.

Police are often called after condo owners see the midday fuckings, but as soon as officers leave the area, the “hanky panky continues.”

Maybe it’s just us, but it sounds like the perfect New York residence for one of these famous men who have had sex with over 2,000 women.

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