Top 10 Hottest Horror Victims

Top Ten Hottest Horror Victims

Few things go together like hot chicks and horror.  I’ll be honest (I’m not afraid)…when I was a kid I went to horror films half to see slashers and monsters — and half to see naked girls.

In a time before the Internet and the ease of video porn, horror movies were the only places growing boys (get your mind out of the gutter) like me could see the forbidden flesh of a woman. With that kind of stake in it, you develop a real fondness for these movies and the scream queens who got naked, then usually got taken out.

I decided, since Halloween is right around the corner, I’d take a fond look back at the various woman I have loved from afar as they got themselves involved with serious slashers, zombies, and other such supernatural killers. Not all of them are from the past, not all of them died as a result of the attacks, but they were all really, really hot. So now I present, without further ado, The 10 Hottest Horror Victims.



So there you have it, The 10 Hottest Horror Victims, the ones who have shaped and molded me as well as the ones who keep bringing me back to the creatively bankrupt world of horror films. I’m sure you have a different list, so compare, contrast, talk it over with friends and figure out which of the horror ladies does it for you.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go carve a life-size Asia Argento out of pumpkins.