Woman Orders Yoga Mat, Gets Package Filled With $400,000 In Drugs Instead

Photo: fizkes (Getty)

Well then, that’s certainly not a bad trade-off.

Let’s all talk about a South Carolina woman who ordered a new yoga mat online in hopes of finally being allowed into that snobby group of women who talk about yoga and vegan food options all day — OK, I’m assuming that’s what she wanted that yoga mat for. But instead of getting a package with her yoga mat inside, she instead opened her package to find $400,000 worth of illicit prescription drugs.

Woman Orders Yoga Mat, Gets Package Filled With $400,000 In Drugs Instead


According to the Rock Hill Police Department, the woman found almost 20,000 pills of opiate drug Oxycodone. Instead of using those pills to have a good time, the unnamed woman turned over the contents to police, who then passed them along to the York County Multijurisdictional Drug Enforcement Unit.


Marvin Brown, commander of the unit, said each pill has a street value of about $20, bringing the package’s total worth to approximately $400,000.

Brown said the package was intended for the woman’s former address, a currently vacant apartment, but was forwarded by the U.S. Postal Service. He said such drug packages are often mailed to vacant residences, where the intended recipient will wait for them to arrive.

“The dealers weren’t as intelligent as they thought they were,” Brown told WSOC-TV.

Photo: York County Mutijurisdictional Drug Enforcement

Photo: York County Mutijurisdictional Drug Enforcement

Police also say that the box was shipped from Newport Beach, California, and that the Oxycodones are likely counterfeits pressed into pills from powder in Mexico. I’m learning so much about drugs these days.

The investigation continues.

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