About 150 Million Spiders Are About To Invade Homes In Britain

Photo: Alexlky (Getty)

Unfortunately that headline is not the plot of a horror movie, it is an actual thing and people in Britain better be aware because millions of spiders are about to confront them. Let us explain.

According to The Sun, about 150 million of the spider species Eratigena atrica are all ready to head towards the British shores in order to begin their breeding season. And what are these Eratigena atrica spiders all about? Well they are a pretty big breed as they grow up to 2.9 inches in size. They are also know as the “Giant House Spider” because they are all about chilling where humans live. And that’s a nightmare.


Here’s what Simmon Garrett, the Bristol Zoological Society’s Head of Conservation Learning had to say:

 “Spider’s don’t specifically want to enter your home, in fact, they’d rather stay away as there’s less food and it’s too dry and clean. It is the need to mate that changes their behavior.”

The reason for the massive increase in spiders is the number of summer flies that exist during this time of the year, according to naturalist Malcolm D Welshman. “It’s boosted their population – hence 150 million are now on the march indoors as the spider-nesting season starts,” Welshman explains.

So, if you’re in Britain what the hell should you do to prepare? Well some things include sealing up cracks in doors and windows, removing plants from outside your home and equipping yourself with a flamethrower. I added that last tip.


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