National Sex Day: How to Celebrate When You’re Single

Photo: B2M Productions (Getty Images)

When it comes to sex-related holidays, there’s never really enough of them. Here are just a couple of the most popular (recognized) holidays you might not know about. First up is the National Orgasm Day that is celebrated on July 31 in most countries. Then, there’s the National Masturbation Day on May 28, somehow naturally leading up to the International Whores’ Day on June 2. Of course, the mother of all these holidays is the widely recognized National Sex Day, observed on June 9. It’s obvious how one should celebrate this holiday when he’s in a relationship, but what if you’re single? How can you celebrate this sexy holiday by yourself?

Watch Porn

We’ll start off with the most obvious answer out there. You’re sitting home alone, no girlfriend to call, and you’ve got the whole internet telling you to have sex. Is there a better time to watch some porn even if you don’t normally watch it? Considering how it’s a day dedicated to sex celebration, why not explore all the different ways people have sex all over the world? Watch something you’ve never seen before, try to broaden your mind and see what others think is sexy. Maybe you’ll learn something that you can apply in the real world. Just remember, when she asks you “where did you learn that move?” you play it cool and say nothing. No girl wants to hear her boyfriend say that most of his moves are from porn, no matter how true it is.

Find a Date

If you’re not much of a computer guy, perhaps you should take your chances in the real world and find a date, specifically for this occasion. You don’t need to plan ahead. Just go out, have some fun, and you might just find a girl who’s as lonely and single as you, so you can be each other’s one-night fantasies. There is a good chance that she’s also looking for someone to get through this troublesome day reminiscent of Valentine’s Day. If you don’t feel like meeting someone new, perhaps you should open your old address book (it’s just an expression, obviously no one uses address books anymore). and call some of the old girlfriends. Pretty much every guy has a few of those girls he keeps on his Facebook profile but never contacts. Now is the time.

Dating Apps

On the other hand, those of you who don’t feel like going out can simply use this time to boost their dating profiles and find someone online. Be honest on your Tinder, say that you’re looking for someone to celebrate National Sex Day as you can’t/won’t do it yourself. Of course, Tinder is just one of the more explicit dating apps. You can also use Facebook in a similar way, you just can’t be that direct. Add someone new you like and start a conversation. She might blow you off or you might end up becoming friends. It’s a gamble, of course, but you never know what you’ll find until you actually try it.

Play with Yourself

This one, sort of, continues on the first one. You will never be able to fully satisfy someone else in bed until you learn to satisfy yourself, as well. Can you imagine anything sexier than a girl who knows exactly what she likes in sex and isn’t afraid to openly say it? The same goes for you. You know that confidence is sexy, so just think how she will feel once you tell her exactly how and where you want her. So, use this special day to see what exactly turns you on and explore all the mysteries of your body.

When you consider all your options, National Sex Day isn’t as bad as you thought, right?