Girl’s ‘Boyfriend’ Looks Just Like Michael Jackson And The Jokes Have Been Pouring In

Photo: Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Even though Michael Jackson has been dead since 2009 his legacy of course still lives on through his amazing music and through people that look just like him. Wait, what? Well, one gal recently shared a photo of what she claimed to be her boyfriend on her Twitter — and this dude looks just like the King of Pop.

Have a look at that photo below shared by this Twitter user:

Almost a spitting image so of course the photo went viral and the jokes started. Here are some of the best.

But here is where it gets more bizarre. The man in the photo is actually a Michael Jackson impersonator named Sergio Cortés. And here is what he had to say to The LADbible:

“I do not go into controversial history. I’m not her boyfriend… I do not know this girl. I don’t understand why all this. I live in Spain. The professionals of the press should be concerned to inform themselves well before making news.”

Well this is awkward. Why this girl would pretend not only to have a boyfriend, but to make a Michael Jackson impersonator her pretend boyfriend is beyond me. She should have just pretended one of those One Direction boys was her boyfriend like normal girls do.

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