This Mom Honestly Thinks She Looks Like Jennifer Aniston And Don’t Try To Convince Her Otherwise

Photo: Michael Tran/FilmMagic (Getty)

There are some people that actually look like celebrities — take for example the Texas woman who looks just like Jennifer Lopez. Or the gal in Kansas who looks just like Taylor Swift. But then there are people who think they look like famous people and they are the only person on the planet who could see it. And the mom below thinks she looks like Friends star Jennifer Aniston. Let us explain.

A girl named Holly took it to Twitter to explain to everyone that her and her mom share a banking account. And for some reason Holly’s mom kept changing the security questions to things she couldn’t figure out the answer to. And the latest question? “Which celebrity do you most resemble?” Well, Holly’s mom thinks she looks like Aniston.

Take a look at the hilarious exchange below thanks to Holly’s Twitter.

Here’s a closer look:

Screengrab: Twitter

Screengrab: Twitter

And here’s the “resemblance.”

Screengrab: Twitter

Holly’s mom sure has confidence in herself. And you just knew that Twitter was going to chime in.

If only we could all have as much confidence as Holly’s mom.

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