45 Guys Dressed Like Magnum P.I. At A Tigers Game Were Ejected For ‘Catcalling’

Photo: CBS

Mustaches, funny shirts and whistling at women are all important ingredients of many successful bachelor parties these days.

It’s just that usually the women getting whistled at are hookers jamming things where they’re not supposed to, not Tigers fans with kids trying to watch their beloved pig shit awful baseball team try to get through nine innings without embarrassing themselves for a change.

Well, according to Fox 2 Detroit, that’s eventually what did in a group of 45 guys who decided to celebrate Joe Tuccini’s bachelor party at the Tigers-White Sox game at Comerica Park dressed like Thomas Magnum (Tom Selleck) from “Magnum P.I.” despite the fact that it was “Star Wars” Night at the ballpark.

Tuccini’s brother Chris said representatives with the Tigers told him his group was ejected from the stadium Saturday night for “catcalling and one of them was smoking.” The Tigers said it was because of “inappropriate behavior”and “the group was given multiple warnings.”

45 Guys Dressed Like Magnum P.I. At A Tigers Game Were Ejected For ‘Catcalling’

“They violated the code of conduct and were asked to leave and have not been banned from the park,” the Tigers said.

Of course, Joe Tuccini thinks the Tigers are being real dickwads here, and he would like to be compensated for what he deemed a “wrongful ejection.” That compensation? You guessed it: All 45 “PI’s” invited back to Comerica Park in a suite hosted by Tom Selleck.

We’re definitely siding with Tuccini on this one. I mean, by the looks of things, it appears as though at least some ladies in attendance enjoyed what Tuccini and company were bringing to the table:

This was not one of them:

In a related story, the first 10,000 fans who show up to Comerica Park this Saturday for the Tigers-Twins game will receive a free Tigers Hawaiian shirt, which is nice. It’s just that is sounds like you won’t be able to hit on any broads while you’re wearing it.

(Facebook image: Facebook/Chris Tuccini)

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