Dude Body-Shames Gal And Then Gets Absolutely Roasted By Everyone

Photo: Rs9191 (Getty)

The lesson here is to avoid body-shaming anyone because sooner or later it will come back to bite you hard. And for one man named Leyton Mokgerepi it came back to bite him almost instantly.

Leyton thought it would be a brilliant idea to share a “versus” meme on Twitter, using a “girls I like VS. girls that like me” joke. Take a look at it below.

But guess what? The woman on the right, Lesego Leogbane, actually got word of the meme and she decided to burn him right then and there.

Damn. Someone needs to go resuscitate that guy. But the roasting wasn’t done there, just take a look at what folks on Twitter said.

But then after all this roasting Leyton had a change of heart.


Man, this dude may want to take a break from social media forever after this butt whooping.

h/t Someecards

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