Today’s Funny Photos 9-19-17

They say the best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup. But guess what? That’s a load of crap because the best part of waking up is having a brand new batch of Funny Photos. And sure, having a super attractive person next to you in bed is also nice, but we feel like laughing it up with our pile of funnies is a tad better. Right? Play along, folks. So with that said we of course have to introduce to you today’s laughs. You know how hard we work to reel in all these photos, and we appreciate just how much you dig them. That’s why we we’ll keep on doing it every damn day. Now enjoy some laughs!

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Here’s another question: did you miss Monday’s funnies? Well that sucks, but don’t worry because we have yesterday’s Funny Photos here!


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