These Folks Have Found The Most Hilarious Ways To Sneak Alcohol Into Events

Photo: Twitter/Annaclancyxx

These days, if you go to most events alcohol of course isn’t allowed to be brought in. And that’s mainly because they want you to spend $12 on one beer. But of course, since people refuse to bend to the rules a lot of folks have gone above and beyond to sneak alcohol into various events from concerts to sports match-ups.

And thanks to The Hook Mag, we now have some great ideas because the men and women below thought up of the best (and most hilarious) ways to sneak alcohol. And let’s just say that it’s much more than just a flask stuffed down your pants.

Check out some of these.

so how’d you sneak in your vodka? #iwin #hairsmuggling #whoneedsflasky

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So many geniuses.

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